VR Games Programming

Use tools like Unity3D and Blender to create your very first 3D, virtual reality game. Zero programming experience required!

Have you ever wondered how people make 3D games? What about virtual reality 3D games? Or are you curious about the absolute basics of computer programming and 3D modelling?

Then this workshop is for you! Even people with zero experience with computer programming or 3D modelling will make their very own 3D game in just a couple hours. Your 3D game can also be played on a virtual reality headset!


In this workshop, learners will:

Oculus Noobslayer

One example of an open source VR project this workshop will look at is called 'Oculus Noobslayer'.

Before the Workshop

Participants must bring their own laptop with them to the workshop. Prior to the workshop, everyone should install Unity3D and Blender.