Learning Resources for Git

For People in a Hurry

The playlist Computer Specialist (CS) Training for Public Servants (French subtitles) has several videos about git like:

How to undo (almost) anything with Git.

Linus Torvalds created Git. Here's him speaking about its core features for 9 minutes.

What is GitLab? in 8 minutes.

Ten years of Git history in a short, visual article.

Non-technical Resources

Linus Torvalds created Git. Here's him speaking at TED.

Markdown is a simple but powerful language used to write documents. This is a perfect way for non-technical, non-coders to understand and use git. Here's a GitLab talk about non-developers using Git.

In 2018 Microsoft acquired GitHub for 7.5 billion dollars. Here's a fairly neutral and energetic business analysis on why and the history of GitHub. See also Microsoft's statement on acquiring GitHub.

A list of federal, provincial, and municipal governments on GitHub.

Introduction to GitLab workflow.

Technical resources

Linux Torvalds created Git. He has a distinct, abrasive, and entertaining personality. Watch this hour talk he gave to Google in 2007.

The article "A successful Git branching model" is a classic, although its view of Git is disputed.

This article criticizes the previous article and offers an alternative.

Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches.

There are many articles on merging versus rebasing. I thought this one was good.


Please send me an email if you know of a free learning resource I could add to this page, especially anything in French.