Computer Programming

The first lines of computer code you write can explore documents and spreadsheets.

Have you ever done repetitive work on a computer and wondered if there's a better way? Or are you curious where software comes from, and what it means to "write" software? In this workshop, explore the very basics of computer programming and see how it can help you with your graduate studies in any discipline.

Using Python regular expressions, we will explore programming solutions to some problems that graduate students may encounter:

Learning Objectives

In this workshop, students will learn:

  1. Recognize the types of tasks that computer programs are good at doing.
  2. Write and execute a simple computer program.
  3. Describe key concepts like “code”, “csv” and “computer program”.

Before the Workshop

Participants must bring their own laptop with them to the workshop. Prior to the workshop, students must install Python 3.5 (or higher) on their laptop. Click here for more details on installing Python.

Successfully Tested!

This workshop has been successfully tested on graduate students.